What will my child do at Orchard House

Children are encouraged to engage in most activities, recognition and praise are given to all who participate. Certificates and stickers are also awarded to children who achieve something in which they have not done before simple things like tidying up, helping others, making their own weird and wonderful model from construction toys.

An example session at Orchard House

9.15am – The children arrive and are welcomed into the preschool by the staff and are marked off in the register, they are then encouraged to find their own name card and peg. Once changed into their plimsolls the children are then encouraged to take part as they learn the days of the week the date and the weather.

Activities and craft – puzzles – construction – playdoh – books – sand/water – mark making – small world – dressing up – home corner – topical work and many more.

Outdoor play (weather permitting) – bikes, buggies, bats & balls – climbing frame – water play – soil & plant pots – playhouse and much more.

Tidy up time.

Snack time – all children help themselves to snack and pour their own drinks, they are encouraged to all sit down together, this is a good social time for the children as they can sit with their friends and talk.

Story time – show ‘n’ tell – songs.

12.15pm – Preschool ends. Same applies for the afternoon sessions.

And finally...

Throughout the year at Orchard House we hold various events such as; Sponsored obstacle course, Summer trips, Open day, Quiz Nights, Christmas Party, Book sales, Fancy Dress days and many more.